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If You've Been Injured, You Need Strong Representation Call Paige J. Donnelly, Ltd.

Why do crash rates spike during warmer months?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | Car Accidents

As the weather warms up across the Midwest, most residents eagerly await the joys of summer—outdoor activities, road trips and holiday celebrations. After all, winter is long with a capital “L” in the Midwest.

However, it’s worth remembering that this season also inspires a less welcome phenomenon: a notable spike in crash rates. Understanding why this occurs can help motorists understand why they need to start taking preventive measures to better ensure safe driving during these warmer months.

Increased traffic volume

One of the primary reasons for the rise in crash rates during the summer is the significant increase in traffic. Warmer weather and longer days encourage more people to travel for vacation, attend social gatherings and enjoy recreational activities. Roads become busier with not just more cars, but also more motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. This increase in road users, especially those traveling to unfamiliar areas, heightens the likelihood of accidents.

Construction and road work

It has often been said that the Midwest has two seasons: Winter and road construction. Warmer months are prime time for road construction and maintenance projects, which can create unexpected road conditions. Detours, lane reductions and uneven road surfaces can confuse drivers and lead to accidents. The presence of construction equipment and workers near the roadways also adds to the hazards that drivers must navigate.

Increased alcohol consumption

Summer celebrations often involve alcohol. Unfortunately, this correlates with a rise in drunk driving incidents. Holidays like the Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends are particularly notorious for alcohol-related crashes.

Weather conditions

Though generally clearer than winter, summer weather can still be unpredictable. Sudden rain showers can make roads slippery and reduce visibility, catching drivers off guard. The glare from the intense summer sun can also impair drivers’ vision, leading to a heightened accident risk.

For all of these reasons and more, if you are a Midwest driver, it’s time to start driving with warm weather safety in mind. Unfortunately, not everyone does. That’s why it’s crucial to understand your right to compensation if you’ve been injured by an at-fault driver.