If You've Been Injured, You Need Strong RepresentationCall Paige J. Donnelly, Ltd.

If You've Been Injured, You Need Strong Representation Call Paige J. Donnelly, Ltd.

Shoulder, Arm And Elbow Injuries

Perhaps you’ve had a devastating injury to your shoulder or arms. Or maybe to your elbow, wrist or hands. And now, you can’t comb or wash your hair. You can’t grasp anything off a shelf without excruciating pain. You can’t even pick up and hold your child. You used to do those things every day. But now you can’t because they cause excruciating pain.

You can injure your upper extremities in many ways: a motor vehicle accident, a fall or falling merchandise. And after you’re injured, you have the long, arduous task of trying to learn to live with the damage and dealing with the pain.

Contact the personal injury attorneys at Paige J. Donnelly, Ltd.. We are all very well-acquainted with the kinds of cases that involve injuries to the arms and upper body. We have helped hundreds of clients reshape their lives, receive the medical care they need and patch their lives back together so they can return to doing the things they cherish.